Globalization of war?

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?”1

To start I would like to tell you what war on terror is, for those that don’t know (why is that?), War on Terror (WoT) “refers to the international military campaign that started after the September 11 attacks on the United States”2. first used by George W. Bush, president of the US back then, since that time is being used  to argue a global military, political, legal, and conceptual struggle against terrorism in any kind, struggle against terrorist people and the organizations supporting them, we say their names apart even though both are terrorist, but that is fine. In 2013 Barack Obama announced that the United States were no longer pursuing War on Terror because they should focus on the US enemies and not a global thing, not a tactic

Now that we have clear the WoT term we are going to talk about the USA, Russia and France today in a new war on terror and today’s world situation on the fighting against ‘terror’.

First, the United States of America, they are one old national state, they have been globalizing ‘America’, they have roots on liberalism, actually political theorist Louis Hartz has a book called ‘The liberal tradition in America’, but we have seen racism, slavery and such things, so not everything is that wonderful. We should not believe everything they said, and less what Hollywood movies show, I mean, Americans shoot those movies, and some of them have the thought they are perfect and you know what: they believe their own lies, there is no perfection, there is always something or someone wanting only benefits for them and anyone else, it is like television commercials, we only see wonders of lots of products, but I don’t think we are that stupid to believe all of that, we can give it a try but after the first time, we will leave it, or won’t we?, I might be being a little bit tough, because not everyone is like that, but the ones on the head of some nations, not only the US, are this way.

Let’s chat no more, we have to analyse today’s US role on ‘fighting’ terror. Barack Obama: the head of the United States; at least its image, we have seen him so peaceful some people would say. He always wants to go through dialogue, and when he does fight, the army make mistakes like the one they made with Doctors Without Borders hospital. Yes, it is not just critics, he has made good movements and that is better than others making a mess, the US is not the only country, so not the only one making mistakes, there are even some doing nothing, but for several reasons we do not know, I think some mistakes are even planned, I am not talking about the one I mentioned, but  we need to have in mind that even if politicians look like idiots, most of them (we have exceptions) are so much smarter than we think.

Obama has tried to fix broken relations, step by step, because why to hurry, but that is bringing US image of a superpower down, to must of people he is just too weak and the United States does not have the power that it used to have even if Obama has fixed other presidents’ idiotic decisions we only like to criticize, apparently we have more fun doing it. But those critics are right somehow, the US is losing power to the world’s eyes, and yes, Russia is helping,

“-That’s true, without or against Russia we cannot solve conflicts of our time- the Bavarian prime minister and leader of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) said at the party congress in Munich, where he was re-elected as CSU head on Saturday.”3.

The fact that we have people thinking this way means Vladimir Putin is at the moment the best player on this game, and the US is losing popularity.

War on Terror?, they are not struggling against terror they just want to be on top of news, they want to have power; and they are creating complicated situations, they have killed some people but they have not defeated the group, as I have seen they are making them feel more powerful; there are people talking about third World War, and  if  we are talking about it means something. We do not know their real objectives; I do not know them, and I am not putting aside that maybe they do want to help, but it is not just that, let’s remember how power corrupts people, and somehow we are losing faith in humanity.

“There is increasing evidence that Moscow may be helping to facilitate Islamic extremism in the Middle East”2. Not the only one thinking that way, I already said, these groups are feeling powerful, and we have reasons to lose faith, but we cannot lose faith in ourselves just because we are scared, there are more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ people, but ‘good’ people do nothing so that makes us part of the problem.

On the other hand, we have France; recent attacks to Paris, have made the world shout against terror; a little bit of hypocrisy there, because I have not seen people shout on the news for all the people that have died and keep dying in other countries like Syria, Libya, and so on (Media are manipulators, they are like commercials, they show what they want to), but let’s come back, France’s role on today’s situation; ISIS has declared war on them, and they want to defend, they do not want to let their people die. These attacks have affected them directly, but they do not talk about what they have done, and now Europe wants to control the immigrant’s crisis, most of them think that all these people are terrorist, that is what they say.

No matter the reason people say they have to do such things, I say, you hear lots of things but not all of them are true or can guide the way you live, if people do not stop thinking about always winning for themselves and not the others, we will have just individuals (“and the wealthier the individual the more sacrosanct the individualism”4.), and sometimes it is needed a team, to work for society.

We have taken liberalism to the limits, we have crossed limits.

“There are perhaps many causes worth dying for, but to me, certainly, there are none worth killing for.”5.

War, that word is scaring us, we are listening too much of it these days, terrorist groups are exporting terror; they want to globalize their ideas, we are already losing lots of lives, and some say that groups like ISIS are just the effects of the old War on Terror, you gave a cause you have an effect, but it was not worth the pain; because the situation gets more and more complicated, ‘America’ (like most of the world call the United States, which Latin americans do not like, but that is not the topic) and Russia have important roles, but we are having new players on the game of WoT, but they are the ones introducing them, they are probably  not surprised, they are killing, they want victory; and to have victory they need someone to fight with.

We could talk for a long time about today’s situation, about history, liberalism, globalization; but we need more than talking, most of US  and other countries exports are bad habits and bad ideas, we are not looking well, we just stay with the first thing we see and not the most interesting, this generation is so dangerous because most of us, do not take the time to think, we are becoming like zombies; all the time with our heads on our phones, and using internet power the wrong way, we are going down and down. We need thinking, feeding our minds well should be important, but I cannot make others think the way I do, we are different, but I just hope, we all agree we are losing ourselves, we are losing our world.

Finally I would like to remark the fact that I think most of us believed a next war would be started fighting for water, and now we have that apparently it will be started for religion, people killing people because they think different, look how far we have gotten, but how crazy we are, when we should have not even thought about how war will be started.

“What a cruel thing war is… to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbours”.  6.

Daniela Toro Becerra


  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  4. The Endgame of Globalization, page 41
  5. Albert Dietrich, Army GI, Pacifist CO: The World War II Letters of Frank and Albert Dietrich
  6.  Robert E. Lee


The Endgame of globalization, Chapter 2: Liberalism and the roots of American globalism


Author: Daniela Toro Becerra

My name is Daniela Toro Becerra, I am a student at University of Antioquia. I study Environmental Engineering in the Environmental School at the Engineering Faculty, and I am in a course called World Geopolitics where we have talked about topics such as: Geography and Politics, globalization, imperialism, patriotism, totalitarism, and so on. With geopolitics I have learned how important is to understand the world’s situation in the past, in the present and analyse how it could be on the future, how important is to have an opinion, we need to be a real thinking animal and not be going where everybody goes just because, and yes, I am not going where the river takes me.

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