The Paisa Nation in Colombia

Paisas could have a nation, we have the elements to create one, same language and culture, common history and we probably have the same beliefs and dreams but I think Colombia should be a nation, because we already have divisions, paisas, costeños, rolos and so on, some people take those ‘names’ so far that even some times they do not want to see one another just because of the region they belong to, we have divisions and continue to create more.

I do not think we should stay away from the country. I know it is hard because we all think differently, but if we want a common future, it should be for all colombians, no matter the religion, the beliefs, etc. I think we could have diverse nations but we should believe also in a better country. Let’s not run away from the problem instead of that, we should try to give solutions to help others, want it or not we need others. For example, urban Colombia could not eat without the rural one, we should love what a diverse country we are.

Port Antioquia change the map, because paisas would feel more independent from the rest of the country. We would have an economic advantage if we know how to use it, and people will start believing we can make it without te rest. I think paisas could be a new country, I mean lots od countries have been born this recent time, we just need to be well organized in every sense: political, economic, cultural, social. We need to be smart enough to have a successful new country. People need to have clear what to create a new country takes. We could be nation now, but we need to know how to solve the aspects we mentioned before, and we should be strong enough not to give up in an easy way or it would be a complete mess.

In some senses becoming a new country would be worth it, because of the inequity we have today. For example, Choco and Amazonas cannot be compared with Antioquia or Bogota. Some do not receive any help, some do not work, some are abandoned and they already look like a different part of the world and we seem not to care.

We have a particular case, Puerto Rico, they totally depend on the USA, so they have not solved all the issues to be independent, and to be honest I do not think they want to, they are like the lazy son that does not want to leave his mom’s house. There is a lot that needs to be analyzed, it is not as easy as we could imagine.

Daniela Toro Becerra.



Author: Daniela Toro Becerra

My name is Daniela Toro Becerra, I am a student at University of Antioquia. I study Environmental Engineering in the Environmental School at the Engineering Faculty, and I am in a course called World Geopolitics where we have talked about topics such as: Geography and Politics, globalization, imperialism, patriotism, totalitarism, and so on. With geopolitics I have learned how important is to understand the world’s situation in the past, in the present and analyse how it could be on the future, how important is to have an opinion, we need to be a real thinking animal and not be going where everybody goes just because, and yes, I am not going where the river takes me.

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